aMUSE: Cambridge School of Art Degree
Show 2013

This year’s Degree Show showcases the work of a new generation of artists, illustrators and designers as they complete their studies at Cambridge School of Art. The student portfolios are currently being prepared and will be available to view online by the time of the degree show, on 6th June.

The exhibition will be held in the Ruskin Building and surrounding studios at the Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT, from Friday 7th to Friday 14th June 2013.

The Cambridge School of Art Graduation Gala Film Screening 2013
Monday 10th June 2013, 17:30-19:00hrs
Arts Picturehouse
Free Admission

The Fashion Show
Thursday 13th June 2013, 18:30 and 20:30hrs
The Academy
Helmore Building
Admission by ticket only (£3 each)
Can be purchased on door or online

Exhibition Opening Times
Friday 7th to Friday 14th June 2012
Monday to Friday, 10am–8pm
Saturday and Sunday, 10am–4 30pm

For more information please feel free to Contact Us.

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